Neoclassical Economics is Immoral – Essay and Workshop

At the recent Occupy Chicago Spring Event in Grant Park, participants in CPEG’s workshop didn’t just have the opportunity to focus on the problems facing the world economy, they got to design their own! The workshop included both an essay authored by CPEG’s Ron Baiman which points out the “deep immorality” of traditional mainstream economics, and an exercise called “Design Your Own Utopia”, a workshop developed by “radical” economics graduate students at the University of Massachusetts in the 1980’s but perhaps even more relevant today.

In particular, the essay argues, though it pretends to be a value-free and objective “science”, Neoclassical economics is actually a thinly-veiled, blatantly immoral social system, and thus clearly an ideology rather than a school of thought that represents a reasonable and meaningful value-based “economic science”.

Download the Essay and Workshop Instructions (PDF)

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