A 2012 May Day Manifesto: “Left Structuralism” versus “Liberal Cyclicalism”

In this report (the first draft of was which was disseminated on May Day 2012), CPEG member Ron Baiman outlines a “left structuralist” policy position on our economy. Unlike “right structuralism”, this view is compatible with (but goes beyond) the “liberal cyclicalist” view being promoted by progressive economists such as Paul Krugman and Josh Bivens at the Economic Policy Institute. Among other things, Baiman argues that the “liberal cyclicalist” position is short-sighted and harmful as it cedes principled public debate over long-run economic vision to the right, and misses the opportunity to educate the public on the fundamental value differences between “left” and “right” economic policy.

Read the Report (PDF)

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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