Contemporary Capitalism, and Why We Need Marxism

The attached essay, composed by CPEG members Mel Rothenberg and Bruce E. Parry over the past year, argues that a Marxist materialist analysis is fundamental in understanding and articulating the current international social/economic conjuncture. They note about the essay, “We sketch the theoretical framework underlying such an analysis, apply this framework broadly to describing the key phenomena defining our era, and draw some general strategic conclusions on what political approach and tasks revolutionary Marxists should be currently focusing on. To do all this in a relatively short essay necessitates a necessarily cryptic and schematic presentation, but we felt this was worth doing in view of the absence of such analysis among Marxist activists. There are a number of worthy lengthy and more detailed treatises written by scholars and academics, some of the most relevant of which we reference. Unfortunately these works are often theoretically dense and do not ordinarily find their way to left activists, the primary intended audience of this essay.

This essay is not intended as a popularization, or easy reading but we hope its brevity will tempt activists to give it a go. Further, this essay is not meant to settle complex questions, but to raise them. The hoped-for response is to initiate a vigorous and rigorous debate on Marxism within activist circles. Such a debate is a necessary preliminary to a revival of a working class socialist movement, which in turn is the prerequisite for a successful movement of social and political emancipation.”

Download Contemporary Capitalism, and Why We Need Marxism (.pdf)

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