A 2012 May Day Manifesto: “Left Structuralism” versus “Liberal Cyclicalism”

Released | May 2012

Summary | In this report, CPEG member Ron Baiman outlines a “left structuralist” policy position on our economy. Unlike “right structuralism”, this view is compatible with (but goes beyond) the “liberal cyclicalist” view being promoted by progressive economists such as Paul Krugman and Josh Bivens at the Economic Policy Institute. Among other things, Baiman argues that the “liberal cyclicalist” position is short-sighted and harmful as it cedes principled public debate over long-run economic vision to the right, and misses the opportunity to educate the public on the fundamental value differences between “left” and “right” economic policy.

Read the Report (PDF)

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Chicago’s Proposed Stable Jobs, Stable Airports Ordinance

Released | November 2011

Summary | The Chicago Political Economy Group, along with other Chicago Academics and Unite Here! Local 1, recently collaborated on a cost-benefit analysis of a proposed Chicago Ordinance that would ensure airport concessions workers at O’Hare and Midway International Airports are paid at least the Chicago Living Wage ($11.18) that the City requires of other contractors.

The study estimates that 1,600 of the 2,400 concessions workers at the two Chicago airports would increase their wages an average of approximately $2 an hour. This would be an increase in annual income of about $4,000 per full-time worker covered, from roughly $18,000 to $22,000 a year.

Read the Report (PDF)

Policy Brief: What We Need to do to Revive Our Economy

Released | November 2011

Summary | Over the last three decades the U.S. economy has gotten fundamentally out of balance and increasingly dependent on private or public sector deficits to maintain demand. Since the start of the Great Recession in 2008 we have replaced (by bailing out – mostly financial) private deficits with public deficits. Cutting the public deficit (without fundamental restructuring) without restoring another unsustainable private deficit (as in the late 90’s) will simply cause the economy to further decline.

In fact, without fundamental economic restructuring, federal deficit cutting will hurt both in the short-run and the long run. Instead, this new CPEG policy brief focuses on how we restructure and revitalize our economy away from an increasingly unsustainable and debilitating “rentier” structure, to a more viable and sustainable advanced “unequal exchange” economy.

Read the Policy Brief (PDF)

Investing in Chicago Communities; A Jobs Fund for a Future That Works

Released | October 2011

Summary | The Chicago Political Economy Group and Stand Up! Chicago today released a new plan entitled Investing in Chicago Communities; A Jobs Fund for a Future That Works. The Chicago Community Jobs Plan outlines our proposal to address Chicago’s jobs crisis by creating 40,000 new jobs for the city’s unemployed. The jobs plan would not only provide Chicagoans with living wage, full-time jobs that match their existing skills and experience, but would serve as an investment in our communities, making them safer, stronger and more vibrant.

Read the Full Report (PDF)

A Permanent Jobs Program for the U.S.: Economic Restructuring to Meet Human Needs

Released | February 2009

Summary | In response to the current economic crisis, the Chicago Political Economy Group (CPEG) proposes a National Jobs Program. The Program provides emergency help to the victims of the crisis. Even more importantly, however, it addresses the underlying structural problems of the real economy.  We have chosen a jobs program as our focus because we believe that a significant and sustained effort to expand long term employment is an essential part of any solution to our larger economic difficulties.

Read the Full Report (PDF)

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