Economic Crisis Workshop

Developed and taught at a series of events by CPEG’s Bill Barclay, the Economic Crisis Workshop is designed to teach, in understandable terms, how the U.S. arrived at the current economic crisis and to suggest some policies that we could adopt to reverse the economic downturn. It is a participatory workshop that has activities to enhance understanding and discussion. Participation is important; however, it also means that you will probably need 2.5 hours to complete the full workshop.

The workshop describes three causes of the economic crisis: (1) long term growth in inequality; (2) credit, debt and financial deregulation, and (3) the U.S. dollar and the World Economy. There are exercises and/or dialogues that are used in each case.


To conduct the workshop yourself, you will need the following materials:

Full Instructions on how to conduct the Workshop (PDF)

Average Income Walk Activity Instructions (PDF)

Income Shares Walk Activity Instructions (PDF)

Role and Value of the Dollar Activity Instructions (PDF)

Housing Dialouge Activity Instructions (PDF)

Economic Crisis Presentation (PPT)


Download All Materials (ZIP)

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