Video: CPEG Workshop at Occupy Chicago

Released | June 2012

Summary | CPEG members Sharon Post, Mel Rothenberg and Ron Baiman conduct a “Design Your Own Utopia” workshop at the April 7th, 2012 “Chicago Spring! Occupy Chicago” event. You can find full workshop instructions here. (PDF)

Powerpoint: A Speculation Sales Tax for Illinois

Released | May 2012

This Powerpoint examines the history of, and makes the case for, a Financial Transaction Tax in Illinois. It was first presented along with Susan Hurley, Director of Chicago Jobs with Justice, at the NATO People’s Counter Summit in Chicago. View the Powerpoint.

CPEG’s Bill Barclay talks Transaction Tax and Jobs on Fox Business News

Released | October 2011

CPEG’s Bill Barclay appeared on Fox Business News today to explain how a tiny Financial Transaction Tax in Chicago could mean 40,000 new jobs for the unemployed.

Jobs Program Presented at the United States Social Forum

Released | July 2010

CPEG’s Bill Barclay presented the CPEG Jobs Program at the United States Social Forum held June 22nd through the 26th in Detroit, Michigan. The second annual gathering of social justice activists drew over 15,000 participants from across the country. View the Presentation.

What Private Sector Expansion? We Need a Massive Federal Jobs Program Now!

Released | June 2010

With the word “recovery” still pervasive in current reports on the economy, CPEG has released a powerpoint shedding light on the reality of our jobs situation. Analyzing multiple scenarios for the future of the U.S. economy, this powerpoint makes the case for the immeadiate creation of a massive Federal Jobs Program. View the Powerpoint.

Powerpoint: The Links Between the Three Types of National Economic Deficits

Released | June 2010

With the national deficit quickly becoming a popular topic for pundits and commentators, CPEG has released a new Powerpoint presentation to explain why significantly reducing the current federal deficit will cause higher unemployment, unless accompanied by trade deficit reduction or another private sector deficit bubble. View the Powerpoint.

Powerpoint: Toward a New Political Economy for the U.S.

Released | January 2010

Summary | On January 5th, 2010, CPEG member Ron Baiman gave a presentation entitled “Toward a New Political Economy for the U.S.” at the Allied Social Science Association’s Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA. View the powerpoint.

Video: Bill Barclay on Jobs and Reindustrialization

Released | December 2009

Summary | CPEG’s Bill Barclay speaks to the Democratic Socialists of America National Convention in Chicago, IL about the CPEG Jobs Program and it’s potential effect on our economic future. View the video below or read the full transcript of Bill’s speech. Video courtesy of Frank Llewellyn/DSA.

Jobs Program Powerpoint

Released | November 2009

Summary | This powerpoint was presented November 18th, 2009 during an Economics Seminar at Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL by members of CPEG. It contains a further outline of the need for, and the details of, our proposed Jobs Program.

View the Powerpoint (PPT)

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