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CPEG Commentary on Settlement to End Foreclosure Probe

Authored by CPEG’s Bill Barclay, an expert on the housing crisis with 22 years of experience in the Financial Services Sector

According to press accounts, there will be a deal between the banks and the state Attorney Generals over housing/foreclosures, etc. A bubble in housing prices (driven by finance) got us into the Lesser Depression and it could get us out. But I don’t think this deal is it.

The banks are going to fork over $25 billion, plus access to refinancing by 300,000 homeowners now shut out, and perhaps some payments to 750,000 people who lost homes to foreclosure. This may sound like a lot of money – until you remember the scope of the problem.

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CPEG’s Bill Barclay talks Transaction Tax and Jobs on Fox Business News

CPEG’s Bill Barclay appeared on Fox Business News today to explain how a tiny Financial Transaction Tax in Chicago could mean 40,000 new jobs for the unemployed.