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CPEG’s Bill Barclay at D.C. Jobs Summit

On July 8 – 9 CPEG joined members of Congress, representatives of community groups and union members from around the country for a “Jobs Briefing” in Washington D.C. Bill Barclay was on the panel analyzing the current jobs situation, outlining policies to address continued high unemployment and assessing our experiences organizing the unemployed. His comments are below.

I’m pleased to be at this jobs briefing as both a founding member of, and representing, the Chicago Political Economy Group. CPEG developed and published a comprehensive jobs proposal in 2008, and we have worked with the staff of Rep. John Conyers to include many of the same ideas in HR 1000. I’m also here as a Democratic Socialists of America member, happy to say that DSA was one of the first national organizations to endorse the legislation proposed by Rep. Conyers.

I’m going to consider three points in my remarks. First, what is happening to the US labor market during this Long Depression, a more appropriate title for the period we are in than recovery from something called the “Great Recession”; second, what is the role and importance of a financial transaction tax in the financing of a jobs program sufficient to the problems we face; and third, why did the efforts of several of us in 2009-10 in Chicago to organize the unemployed failed but why the situation may be different today.

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CPEG to Join Occupy, Community, and Labor Groups at #Occupy the AEA

The American Economic Association, which for decades has been the academic force behind the economic theories of the 1%, will be holding it’s 2012 annual meeting in Chicago, January 6-8th. CPEG will join the occupy movement, labor, community, and other groups in protest of the disastrous free-market ideology, championed by prominent members of the AEA, that has wrecked our economy for all but the wealthiest Americans.

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Investing in Chicago Communities; A Jobs Fund for a Future That Works

The Chicago Political Economy Group and Stand Up! Chicago today released a new plan entitled Investing in Chicago Communities; A Jobs Fund for a Future That Works. The Chicago Community Jobs Plan outlines our proposal to address Chicago’s jobs crisis by creating 40,000 new jobs for the city’s unemployed. The jobs plan would not only provide Chicagoans with living wage, full-time jobs that match their existing skills and experience, but would serve as an investment in our communities, making them safer, stronger and more vibrant.

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