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We are labor and community activists, academics, and others interested in political economic analysis and related progressive policies.


We believe that deep structural problems in both the U.S. and larger global economy have led to the current crises and enduring oppression linked to such factors as class, race, gender, ethnicity, and immigration status, which cannot be resolved by reforms relying on private sector activity. Further, the subordination of U.S. national interests to the profit concerns of the corporate and financial sector has led us to a policy which relies on military domination and repression of weaker nations.

We seek to study, understand, and promote ideas and policies that will revive the U.S. economy and make the U.S. and world economies more just, democratic, and sustainable. Fundamental to our vision is a large scale living wage federal jobs program which could be financed through a tax on financial speculation. We welcome opportunities to collaborate with others.

Group Members


Dr. Ron Baiman

Associate Professor of Economics, Benedictine University

Steering Circle, Healthy Planet Action Coalition

DSA Member.

Steve Balkin, Professor Emeritus of Economics,

Roosevelt University in Chicago

Activist, Board Member of the Maxwell Street Foundation


Dr. Bill Barclay

DSA Organizer

Retired Executive, Chicago Board of Options Exchange.

Mario Diaz-Perez

History Ph.D. Candidate

University of California, Santa Cruz


Luis Diaz-Perez

Political Writer and Activist


Sidney Hollander

Board Member

Jewish Council on Urban Affairs.

Dr. Haydar Kurban

Associate Professor of Economics

Howard University.


Dr. Bruce Parry

Treasurer, Coalition of Veterans Organizations

Retired Economics Professor, University of Baltimore.

Dr. Joseph Persky

Professor of Economics, University of Illinois Chicago.

Dr. Melvin Rothenberg

Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, University of Chicago.

Max B. Sawicky

Retired from U.S. Government Accountability Office

Member, Democratic Socialists of America.

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