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2020 Unadjusted Exit Polls Show Red-Shift Mostly in Battleground States as in Prior US Elections

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

By Ron Baiman, Peter Peckarsky, and Jonathan Simon Oct. 24, 2022

For the record, just because the Trumpies have turned election fraud into a big lie doesn't mean that all is well with US elections! We wanted to get this out before the 2022 election to show that no matter who wins the election, this pattern persists and strongly suggests consistent political interference in US election vote counting benefiting Republicans for almost two decades. 2020 Federal elections Unadjusted exit poll (UEP) data (publicly gathered from publicly available UEP election night screenshots), as in past US elections going back to 2004, displayed a inexplicable "red shift" concentrated in battle ground states that cannot be explained as radom statistical or inadvertent general methodological exit polling error. The complete paper is available here


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