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Geoengineering and the Green New Deal Podcast

Ron Baiman discusses his 2021 paper in this podcast.

The paper: In Support of a Renewable Energy and Materials Economy (REME): A Global Green New Deal (GGND) that Includes Arctic Sea-Ice Triage and Carbon Cycle Restoration" Review of Radical Political Economics 2021, can be accessed here.

A draft version of the paper can be accessed here.

Abstract: A Global Green New Deal (GGND) that Includes Arctic Sea-Ice Climate Triage and Carbon Cycle Climate Restoration, and that, following (Eisenberger, 2020), would move us toward a Renewable Energy and Materials Economy (REME), is necessary to turn our current civilization and species threatening climate crises into an opportunity to stabilize our planet’s climate and advance to a new more equitable and prosperous stage of human development. Immediate, potentially catastrophic, global climate impacts of imminent Arctic Sea-Ice loss, the first global climate “tipping point”, are reviewed, and practical and efficient potential climate triage methods for avoiding this are summarized. Longer-term Direct Carbon Removal (CDR) and Carbon Storage, Sequestration, and Use (CCSU) methods that would move us toward long-term carbon cycle climate restoration are presented. A general reframing of climate policy, and specific GGND policy proposals that include Arctic Sea-Ice climate triage and carbon cycle climate restoration, that would rapidly move us toward a REME and avoid increasingly catastrophic climate impacts are proposed.


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