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The Political Economy of Geoengineering or Direct Climate Cooling

By Ron Baiman and Andrew Lockley

Reviewer 2 does Geoengineering Podcast on Local cooling, Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI) and Carbon Direct Removal (CDR)

Some of the topics talked about in the podcast:

1)US Climate policy,

2) Radical or heterodox economics, Neoclassical or orthodox economics, and the DICE model,

3)The need for urgent direct climate cooling to have any impact on reducing climate harm in the short-run (at least) the next few decades,

4) Discussions of local versus global, high leverage versus low leverage, with economic costs or benefits, direct climate cooling methods,

5) Discussion of net-zero warming plateau even as ocean uptake of carbon continues, to the disconnect between climate scientists and activists like us who are “screaming hair on fire” that only direct climate cooling can reduce climate harm now and the earlier “marching orders” that politicians and general public received that doing something about climate means “checking the box” on emissions cuts or net-zero,

6)How the long-run GHG reduction and removal coupled with natural regeneration is not going to happen (at least not expeditiously at scale) without massive transfers of funding and technology from rich to poor countries of well above $4 T per year,

7)How this expeditious transfer will not occur without a mandatory global cap and trade regime like Kyoto that transferred $303 B in mandatory CDM offset funding mostly to China, compared to the purely voluntary Paris Accord GCF voluntary donation efforts that have raised only $ 18 B,

8)How the EU that continued the Kyoto mandatory regime is only major region in the world to actually reduce GHG emissions since 1990,

9)Why focusing on and debating SAI as a single binary yes or no choice on climate cooling is ill informed and counterproductive to the cause of urgently focusing on and prioritizing direct climate cooling now,

10)As we work on GHG removal and natural regeneration so that we can emerge from our current energy and material “hunter gatherer” industrial civilization “Sinai” to the sustainable and potentially much more equitable renewable energy and materials “farmer cultivator” industrial civilization “promised land” in the long-run.

Podcast and links to reference papers here.


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